Web Management Services


Website Security

Your WordPress website security will be monitored to ensure it's protected against threats and other security-related issues.

Uptime Monitoring

Your WordPress website uptime will be monitored to ensure that your website stays online and brought online quickly if it goes down.

Website Backup

Your WordPress website data and structure will be backed up to prevent data loss with the option to restore from the backup if necessary.

Website Updates

Your WordPress website will be monitored for updates and updates will be applied safely to ensure there are no compatibility issues.

Monitor Performance

Your WordPress website performance, such as speed and load time, will be monitored and corrected to ensure optimal performance.

Monitor SEO

Your WordPress website will be monitored for SEO to ensure it's fully optimized for search engines to help you get better rankings.

View Reports

You will receive reports with details outlining the performance of your website on key metrics and indicators to keep you up-to-date.

Discounted Rates

You will receive discounted rates for web development and graphic design services with your subscription to the web management services.

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