The Lucky Tekkie Magazine | Voices of Global Innovation™

ST. THOMAS, ON – The Lucky Tekkie is excited to announce the production start of The Lucky Tekkie Magazine. The Lucky Tekkie Magazine is a professional, industry-type magazine that is centered on technology and innovation. We discuss most things that are tech-related to promote the industry. We promote also people and businesses actively involved with technology and innovation outside of the industry. We add the human element to technology by featuring Tekkies and the roles that they play within their business or organization. The Magazine promotes Tekkies by showcasing the diverse faces that work with technology.

The Lucky Tekkie Magazine is a Canadian publication, published on a quarterly basis, with a worldwide audience. Readers in 56 countries are able to purchase and subscribe to the Magazine. We want to reach out to readers across borders and boundaries so that we can advance the objectives of our publication. That means promoting technology, it’s usage and implementation anywhere across the globe. We are always looking out for the best interests of the tech industry and the culture behind it. We do this through our words, actions and manners.

The Lucky Tekkie Magazine’s mission is to be the de facto leader in the tech industry for promoting the people at the forefront of technology and innovation. These are the people that function as part of the tech culture and environment. Through our Magazine’s publication, we offer valuable content to keep readers educated, engaged, and entertained. We keep our readers informed about the latest technologies while sometimes reviewing technologies and innovations of the past. We feature and promote the people within the industry so that we can inspire the next generation of Tekkies. These future Tekkies will work in tandem with the current generation to solve real-world problems.

The Lucky Tekkie Magazine’s goal is to capture the attention of readers internationally. These are readers of all ages, genders, backgrounds and relationship statuses, who have a genuine interest in keeping abreast with technology. We are pleased to be contributing towards making the world a better place by sharing the discussion of technology with our readers around the world. We look forward to having you join us for this incredible journey ahead!

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