A router is a networking device that extends the internet connection from your modem or ONT to other devices in your home. The router allows mobile devices, such as cellphones, tablets and laptops, to connect to the internet through a wireless connection. Aside from establishing wireless connections, users can choose to establish a hard-wired connection […]

The term meeting or exceeding your bottom line was a common expression in the business world of the past.  In that world, businesses were primarily concerned with one thing, and that one thing was money.  Businesses of the past were only concerned with making a profit, which was key to survival.  The term meeting or

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Herman Melville said it best when he stated, “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”  The reason this is such an awesome quote is because it encourages people, businesses and industries to be innovative to discover unique solutions to their problems.  It’s always best to be original with your business

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