You’ve been exploring the Internet and noticed that the fonts and font styles used on most websites are the same or similar. There are very few details separating the types on these websites and they’re starting to come across as cookie cutter. Is there a reason to all this madness and why can’t people be

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Have you ever come across a website, flyer or brochure and wondered how it looks so picture perfect? There’s the vibrant colours, ample spacing and whitespace, and wonderful use of typography. The colours fuse the whole website, flyer or brochure together and really make it stand out.  There’s a secret for achieving that remarkable colour

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If you’re like me, you may have noticed that text can look different depending on the constraints of it’s container.  It’s not necessarily the size of the container that makes the difference, but the text contained within that can make your writing look either professional or amateurish.  This is mainly due to one phenomenon.  When

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