Mission, Vision & Values


To be Conscious, Objective, Responsible and Empathetic (CORE) in our work as a leading Brand and Global Influencer to promote innovation, technology, tech-related activities and the tech industry.


To be both a Leader And Successor Everyone Respects (LASER) as we follow trails and create new paths to guide, educate and motivate people of all backgrounds, ages and experiences, and inspire global innovation.


SELECTIVE with our words, deeds and actions to ensure that what we strive for affects others positively and results in a positive outcome;
UNDERSTANDING of others within the work environment and showing appreciation for the work that everybody performs;
PROFESSIONAL with the work that we perform, our quality and craftsmanship;
RESPECTFUL with our demeanour so we do not offend or repulse others;
ENTHUSIASTIC with our approach to work and while working with others;
MODERATE the self to achieve a balance;
EARNEST with our associations and partnerships to ensure we work for our mutual benefit.

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