Here’s How You Can Exceed Your Triple Bottom Line and Save The Planet at the Same Time

The term meeting or exceeding your bottom line was a common expression in the business world of the past.  In that world, businesses were primarily concerned with one thing, and that one thing was money.  Businesses of the past were only concerned with making a profit, which was key to survival.  The term meeting or exceeding your bottom line is the figurative line drawn which separates the business from breaking even and churning a profit.  That was the gold standard as a measure of business success in the old world of economics.

Today, as people and business progress further into the 21st century, that notion of the bottom line has expanded to encompass not just one single bottom line, but rather the triple bottom line.  It’s three times the responsibilities, which are critical for any modern business to survive in the new business environments.  It sounds catchy and hard hitting, but what exactly is the triple bottom line?

The triple bottom line is a measure of business success based not just on a company’s financial responsibility, but on their social responsibility as well as their environmental responsibility.  It comes at a time when the world is troubled by climate change, poverty, homelessness and other issues that are greatly impacting humanity.

Financial responsibility looks after the well-being of your balance sheet, whereas social responsibility covers the company’s effects and influence on people, their moods and actions within society.  Environmental responsibility means being accountable for the effects that the company has on the physical environment.  It gauges the company’s responsibilities over the plants, wildlife and mother nature in general.

The key to surviving in today’s business environment is to keep your triple bottom line in check.  Failure to meet them could lead to your business having a bad reputation, which can tarnish your brand and result in significant lost business. Customers in the modern era are more empowered than ever when it comes to make an informed buying decision and they’re choosing brands that can meet the triple bottom line objectives. Customers are choosing to do business with brands that are not only meeting their financial responsibility, but also have a positive effect on society and the environment.

As a business owner, you need to be asking yourself daily, “how am I meeting or exceeding my company’s triple bottom line?”  It’s a question that we’re glad you’re asking because in most cases businesses are not yet doing enough to stop the upcoming global disaster resulting from climate change.  The good news is that there is a solution to help businesses exceed their triple bottom line so customers will keep doing business with them.  That solution is Paying.Green®.

Paying.Green is a global organization that offers a unique program, called Carbon Easy®, which helps businesses be climate smart and get rewarded for being recognised by their customers for doing the right thing. Carbon Easy® helps businesses show the world they are climate smart, through a convenient online service with member access to best practices, and that offsets their carbon footprint affordably through a not-for profit sourcing model.

It’s a program designed to reward businesses and exceed their triple bottom line for taking positive climate action and the drastic effects that it’s having around the globe.

We’d like to tell you more about this program, but you’re better off hearing it from the source. 

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The Lucky Tekkie Inc.
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In 2005, Sokly graduated from the Adult Learning Centre in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada as Valedictorian. He then attended CDI/Everest College and graduated in 2007 in the Programmer Analyst/Web Developer program. Sokly's first professional IT experience was as an entrepreneur, when he quickly built up his portfolio to gain an entrance into the industry. Sokly was employed as a Web Developer at The Strategy Institute in Toronto, Ontario, from 2011-2013, then moved onto other companies, including digOnline (Digital Internet Group Inc.) and EyeLook Media. Sokly has also worked for national and global corporations, including Telus, where he worked as a Sales Representative at a Corporate Store; TeleTech, where he worked as a Customer Service Representative (Billing & Technical Support) on behalf of Charter Cable; Convergy as a Technical Support Representative, working on behalf of AT&T; and at Marriott International, working as an Infrastructure Analyst and other roles related to Sales/Marketing, including his current role as a Luxury Service Associate.
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