Here’s a Quick Way to Present Your Photos In a Better Light

It’s all around us and no matter what you do you can’t escape it.  With the sun shining and light passing between objects, you’re going to experience the phenomenon we refer to as shadows.  It’s a natural part of life so it shouldn’t be a big deal to handle, right?  You’re absolutely correct, shadows are natural, but when you’re presenting photos with your marketing materials for your website, flyer or brochure, you want your photos to be as bright and vibrant as possible.  It’s best if you can do away with shadows–either by getting better lighting or filters for your photoshoot or using post-photoshoot tools, such as photoshop to hide or lessen the effects of the shadows.

“…when you’re presenting photos with your marketing materials for your website, flyer or brochure, you want your photos to be as bright and vibrant as possible.”

Shadows can distract buyers from experiencing the full benefits of your product because they cast a darker tone within your photos.  Let’s say, for example, you’re selling cars and you want to present your car in the best light possible.  Shadows in your photos will almost always distract buyers and make your product have less shine to it. It’s natural, but it isn’t the most presentable on marketing materials. You have photos taken of your products and there’s no denying the fact that the shadows are prevalent, so what’s the best way to eliminate the shadows?  I’m glad you asked.

“Shadows in your photos will almost always distract buyers and make your product have less shine to it.”

Photoshop has an awesome filter called Camera Raw Filter which you can use to eliminate or lessen the impact of shadows in the photos used for your marketing material–on your website, flyer or brochure.  The process is fairly straight forward:

  • Open your photo
  • Select Camera Raw Filters
  • Select the Adjustment Brush
  • Use the Adjustment Brush to select the shadow areas you want to eliminate
  • Adjust the Exposure and Temperature to lessen the effects of the shadow in your photo
  • Select the Spot Removal tool
  • Use the Spot Removal tool and fix the edges of the former shadow

Here’s a before and after photos of the Camera Raw Filter being used:

Wouldn’t you agree that the after-photo without the shadows look more presentable?  There’s no denying it.

When you choose to design your website, flyer or brochure with The Lucky Tekkie, you have the option to include Photo Editing as part of your service so that we can present your photos in the best light possible.  If you’re interested to experience the awesome quality that we can present to you, please do not hesitate to contact Lee at 519-617-0550 or by email at  Contact us today to complete your next project!

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