One Key Secret For Vibrant Designs That Most Designers Won’t Tell You About

Have you ever come across a website, flyer or brochure and wondered how it looks so picture perfect? There’s the vibrant colours, ample spacing and whitespace, and wonderful use of typography. The colours fuse the whole website, flyer or brochure together and really make it stand out.  There’s a secret for achieving that remarkable colour that you see on well-designed websites, flyers and brochures.  We’ll let you in on the secret to help you with your designs.

“There’s a secret for achieving that remarkable colour that you see on well-designed websites, flyers and brochures.”

The secret the designers don’t tell you about is their use of pantone colours.  Pantone colours are specially designated colours that are made for designers to help with their printing projects. These colours are specifically designed to work with printers as they can’t be mixed with other colours. Although the main use is in printing, using them on websites can also help give your website a colour boost. These colours are more vibrant than your random pick of colours. They give your project a refined look and feel.

“These colours are specifically designed to work with printers as they can’t be mixed with other colours.”

I’ve noticed a significant difference between me randomly picking out colours vs. using pantone colours for my design projects. The pantone tends to always be brighter and more vibrant. It’s my go-to tool of the trade when designing any project for web or print.  If you want to experience the beautiful and professional look that pantone can deliver you, contact us to complete your next web, flyer or brochure project. We’ll create a design for you that you can be proud of.

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The Lucky Tekkie Inc.
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